Saturday, October 2, 2010

Report of Scholarship girls at Madarsa

Rotary club VÄLLINGBY, Sweden in coordination with Ms.Parul Sharma awarded scholarship to 20 Muslim girls in Bazardiha of Varanasi district through PVCHR. After interacting with the girls PVCHR came to know that they were finding difficulty to continue their education after primary classes, due to poor economic condition. But they are keen to continue their further education.
After having information about the scholarship scheme the parents and children had expressed their happiness to continue the studies of their girls, now it is possible for them to fulfill the dream of educating their girls. Now these girls are happy and encouraged to continue their studies like other children from scholarship they get books, copies and other facilities.
Prior these girls support in the weaving and earn enough to meet the expenses of their studies and contributing economically to their families. “But after receiving scholarship we are free from the worry of earning as our studies expense incur and now we could concentrate more vigorously on our study” the girls happily said.
Grinding under the abject poverty of their families, these children, initially, could not think of their career but after receiving the scholarship they are encouraged and dreaming to become either a doctor or a teacher. But they have opined that they would need such scholarships in the future to fulfill their dreams because they were so poor that without help of such scholarships it would have been almost impossible for them to continue their studies.

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