Saturday, July 30, 2011

A voice of voiceless

PVCHR’s linkage with NHRC dates back to its day of existence. Justice Shri Ranganath Mishra, Justice Shri Venkatchalaia and Justice Shri V.S. Mallimath were closely monitoring the initiatives of this UP based organization. Later on, taking into account, its work on human dignity and democratic participation they accepted the organisation’s request to join its advisory board.
For several years, PVCHR, a human rights organisation has been working at the grassroot level in Uttar Pradesh. Being a membership based organization it has strong organizational presence in Western Uttar Pradesh and Districts surrounding Varanasi.The organisation’s pioneering work is focused on strengthening rule of law through empowerment of the dalit and minorities and fighting against structural violence. Very recently it is using Testimonial Therapy to help the survivors in psychological rehabilitation and participation in justice process. It has always optimized the mandate of judiciary and human rights institutions for the victims.
The organization headed by Dr Lenin and run by a mixed group of grassroot workers and professionals function in a very transparent manner. Perhaps it is the only one organization that carry social audit every year.